How does it work

Everything you need to know about the unique way Splitter containers work

Conventional tipping containers

Where there's waste or bulk produce, tipping containers or skips can be found. Traditional tipping containers are moved via fork lift and are used in various industrial and waste managing applications. The biggest drawback from this traditional system is that the build quality is not the best and more importantly: in order to empty the container, the operator has to leave his vehicle to manualy empty the container via a lever. This can cause various dangerous situations becaue these levers can be hard to reach, the fork lift is temorarely unattended or the operator is harder to see from behind his fork lift and tipping container. Introducing SPLITTER. A tipping container that can fully open or close via the hydraulic spreader system fitted to your fork lift.

How Splitter works

Just like a normal tipping container SPLITTER has two mating surfaces where the lift forks can slide in, to then safely transport your container and its payload. The unique, pattent pending, design allows our container to spread its lower half apart emptying its cargo in a controlled manner. Control over releasing your payload can be an important factor when using raw materials or granulates in mixing processes or when carefully emptying out a fine cargo that produces dust. The biggest advantage however is that the operator can stay in his seat reducing machine downtime and increasing his and his co-workers safety by staying in full controll of his fork lift whilst it is in operation.

Can SPLITTER be used as a replacement for all my tipping container needs?

With 4 standard sizes ranging from 500 up to 2000 liter and versions up to 4000 liters built in custom applications, we can assure that SPLITTER can be used in even more applications then you can imagine. Not only are we flexible in sizing your container, we can also addapt our engineering or materials to suit your application in for example wear conditions or food related health and safety regulations.

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